Customized baby planning

When a woman is pregnant or is soon to be a parent, the questions are flowing, the answers are not. Is my baby healthy? Am I going to gain a lot of weight during my pregnancy? What should I buy? Where is the notice for the baby? How will the birth go? How will it be, when I will be alone at home with my newborn? How to find harmony at 3? How to organize the Babyshower?

That’s why I envisioned and developed customized baby planning modules to guide you through the different steps of pregnancy, according to your needs and wishes. You need to be reassured, to be guided or you would like to have the VIP version? I can adapt my services to your needs and pamper you along the way.

I am your “Wiki-Isa”. Usually when we have questions, we check on Google by correlation on Wikipedia. But this is not how you will find personalized answers that fit you. On top of my diplomas, I have given birth to two children and am raising four, so I am convinced I’ll be able to guide you, reassure you, suggest solutions, and specially solutions that fit you.

You are unique!


Because each pregnancy is unique, each baby planning module offered by Les Petits Pois is customized – for couples, for fathers and / or mothers.

The pregnancy plan, birth plan, postpartum plan and going back to work plan are discussed. And you have eleven modules you can choose from to go further in details and even a fully customized module if you are interested in only a few points. I am flexible!

I am flexible as well in where and how we meet, at your place? at Les Petits Pois? in your favorite coffee house or through videoconference, it’s up to you and your need. A coaching session lasts 1h30.

I would be happy to discuss your needs during a 30 min free trial call (skype).

You want to organize your baby shower? Contact me via email to discuss your wishes.

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30 min. Free session

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«I need some guidance »Session coaching

You have some questions, or would like to be guided on specific points. You don’t know what needs to be done and when or you would like to have a pregnancy or birth plan. Contact me to book a session based on your needs.

This is also a great option to work on your postpartum plan. How to organize family life when you are back home? What’s the ideal set up for you, your partner and your child? Bringing a baby back home may seem natural, but going from 2 to 3 will need a bit more preparation than you might think. Let’s discuss it. 

  • 1 session of 1h00

Price: CHF 120.– per session

Coaching parental par les petits pois

«I need to be reassured »The quarterly coaching

This package is designed for those who have some knowledge and external support for pregnancy and beyond. For those who are at peace with all the changes that are taking place but at the same time would like to have some questions answered. For example… How to prepare for baby’s arrival? Should I have a birthing plan? How should it look? How does the delivery process work here in Switzerland?
We will have a pre-meeting to define the themes to be covered and a scheduled quarterly session will clarify these important questions.

  • 1 session per quarter (1h30) and 1 post partum session. (1h30). So a total of 4 sessions
  • 1 support call (15 minutes)

Price: CHF 665.–

«I need guidance»Package Bi-monthly coaching

This package is designed for those who have a lot of questions/concerns regarding pregnancy and the post-partum life. Here, you will receive a session every 6 weeks to prepare your body, mind and home in anticipation of your little one’s arrival. You will receive more frequent one-on-one support and access to additional resources.

We will have a pre-meeting to define the themes to be covered and a scheduled session every 6 weeks will clarify these important questions.

  • A session of 1h30 every 6 weeks (5 sessions before birth) and 2 post partum sessions of 1h30.
  • Unlimited emails.
  • You can rent books on pregnancy and parenting
  • 3 support calls (15 minutes each)

Price: CHF 1090.–

«I want to be pampered»VIP monthly package

With this package, you will receive all the necessary information at each step of the pregnancy and post-partum life. Together, we will design a pregnancy plan, a birth plan, a post partum plan, a going back home plan, and going back to work plan that is tailored to your specific needs. They will reflect your values and work within your lifestyle to ensure the smoothest transitional adjustment.

It will be my job to filter out all the “noise” out there so that only the most pertinent and effective information lands in your hands. I will also cover concepts/techniques such as caring, breastfeeding, carriers, brain development and bonding theory to help you optimize your parenting journey.

  • 1 session of 1h30 per month and 3 post partum sessions of 1h30. (10 sessions in total)
  • Unlimited emails
  • Pregnancy and parenting books
  • One support call per month (15 minutes each call)

Price: CHF 1500.–

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30 min Free Session

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