Baby massages help to enrich the connection between parent and baby. Infants thrive through touch, both developmentally and physically. Baby massage sessions give parents the opportunity to optimize their interactions with the baby, to show love through touch, which will benefit both parent and child. In each session, you will learn different message techniques, how and when to use the different styles as your child grows and how to communicate with your child in this non-verbal way.

As well, infant massage encompasses and supports the vital aspects of bonding. During the sessions, you will also learn how to relief some pains like gas and colic, and stimulate the digestive system.


Next Baby Massage classes are taking place in Lausanne on Tuesdays, in Chexbres on Mondays and in Vevey on Thursdays. To book via form or!

Massage bébé - Les Petits Pois

Benefits include:


  • Promotes bonding with your newborn
  • Body awareness for the baby
  • Physical and emotional stimulation
  • Relief of digestives pains
  • Stimulates communication with the baby
Cours de massage bébé par Les Petits Pois

How does it work?


The private sessions can be held at Les Petits Pois or in your home. Group sessions take place in Lausanne or in Blonay. I have a maximum of 6 families per group session to ensure quality and personalization of the class. Private or group, the choice is up to you. You choose how you want it.

During the session, we will use your baby’s rhythm as a guide. It doesn’t matter if he or she is sleeping, crying or fussing, we will adjust to accommodate his or her needs and particular moods.

Participation from dads is encouraged during these intimate moments. Together, we will find the best solution for the whole family.


Classes for babies from birth to their first birthday.

Group classes

  • 4 sessions of 1h15
  • Min. 3 families – max 6 families
  • Mondays in Chexbres
  • Tuesdays in Epalinges (Lausanne)
  • Thursdays in Vevey
  • Learning can be more fun together!  If you want to bring a friend and their baby, I will give you both a 10% reduction on your class fees.

200 CHF per family

You want to know when is the next session? Email me at

Private classes

  • 3 sessions of 1h15
  • At Les Petits Pois or at your place
  • Timing to be defined together
  • I charge 80cts per km if you live more than 20km away from Lausanne

300 CHF per family

You want to book your private sessions? Email me at

I am a certified trainer from The International Association of Infant Massage.

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