Dear mothers and mothers-to-be offer yourselves a break! Being pregnant – while beautiful and a necessary step in motherhood – can take a toll on the body and mind. Why not pamper yourself during this time with a message? Take some time for you for some “me” time! A time designed for you, your body, your emotions, it’s beneficial from head to toe. And believe me, the baby will enjoy it too.

Prenatal massage

Let’s take a pause! Let’s hit the pause button on all the questions, worries and planning that you are doing in anticipating the birth of your child. Let’s take a pause to reap the benefits of a prenatal massage. This massage will help support your blood system, relief heavy legs and last but not least, it’s one hour designed for you to connect with your growing child and with your own body and mind.

Benefits include:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Back pain relief
  • Heavy legs relief
  • Relaxing moment for you
  • Increased bonding with your child

How does it work?

In your home or at Les Petits Pois, you choose what’s best for you. Each pregnancy is unique, Les Petits Pois massages are as well. I’ll adapt the massage to your needs, your wishes and your limits.

I don’t charge transport fees for massages in Lausanne & Vevey areas. If you don’t live in those areas, I charge 80cts per km.


1h -1h15 massage

Massage at Les Petits Pois in Saint Légier: 120.- CHF

Massage at your place (Vevey/Lausanne): 130.- CHF

You wish to offer a pregnancy massage? Click here for vouchers!

Postpartum Massages

Les Petits Pois are here to support you after the birth of your baby. During a time when you may have trouble remembering the last time you ate, or bathed or slept… Les Petits Pois are here to care for you. Because we believe that taking care of the postpartum mother is equally as important as taking care of a newborn. So make an appointment and reinvigorate your body and mind with some self-love before returning to the marathon that is child rearing.

The benefits include :

  • Relieves tensions from body and mind
  • A moment of relaxation
  • Reconnect with your own body
  • Taking a break from being a “milk machine”

How does it work ?

At Les Petits Pois or at your place : you choose. I can bring my massage table along. You can take your baby in your arms during the massage or let him/her sleep next to you. Baby is hungry? Don’t worry, I always schedule enough time.

I don’t charge transport fees for massages in Lausanne or Vevey areas. If you don’t live in those areas, I charge 80cts per km.


1h -1h15 massage (more time if needed)

120.- CHF for the massage at Les Petits Pois

130.- CHF for massage at your place (+ transport fees if applicable)

You wish to offer a postnatal massage? Click here for vouchers!

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