Les Petits Pois –one set of steps to becoming a parent

Les Petits Pois represents a portrait of a growing family. Like all families, it is made up of many “peas”, together the seeds grow and flourish in the safety and comfort of the “pod”, all the while keeping their own individuality and space.

Les Petits Pois is a passion project born out of my desires to help parents and parents-to-be in becoming the best versions of themselves as parents. I am here to help, to listen, to guide and hopefully to reassure you as you navigate through the highs and lows of becoming a parent as well as the parenting your children. Through my holistic and positive approach, I hope to not only provide you with the answers that you’re seeking but also the confidence and strength to unlock your personal and parental potential.

Being a parent is … hard!

In the process, you will receive much – solicited and unsolicited – advice. You will hear or read or be told of countless solutions to your concerns. Some of these will be useful, some will just be silly, but always, there will be contradictions. No solution will truly reflect your needs with your child under your circumstances. Because, being a parent is a work in process. But I can help with this process. Under my guidance, you will learn theories, techniques and tools that will help you with the day-to-day and the more difficult situations. But most importantly, I hope that through the process of working with me, you will develop a sense of mindfulness that will enable you to come up with your own solutions that will work in the days, months and years ahead.

Being a parent is … about self-care!

It is so easy to forget yourself once a child enters the picture…this is especially true for first time moms. They become the center of your universe and your needs are pushed aside. This is exactly why self-care is so important, because if you neglect the roots, how can you expect your fruits to flourish? You and your child are like two peas, growing together in the pod, each with its own needs of equal importance.

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