Organic Pregnancy Radiance Tea



One teaspoon in boiling water for 5 minutes.

Drink 3-4 cups during the day.

Follow with Mothers Milk Tea for after birth.

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Organic Pregnancy Radiance Tea | Third Trimester Blend.

Week 32 or third trimester onwards.


Ingredients: Avena sativa, Citrus sinensis, Matricaria recutta, Medicargo sativa, Mentha spicata, Rosa canina, Rubus idaeus, Urtica diocia.


This blend continues on from the good work of the Mother To Be Tea for the second trimester. With the addition of Oats to further nourish you and sooth the nervous system to calm any nerves leading up to birth. Continue your tea ritual with extra support on your pregnancy journey so that you feel and look radiantly beautiful whilst proving essential nutrients for both of you.

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