What size should I buy for my 2-month-old?

What size should I buy for my 2-month-old?

It happened more than once… I thought I got the best deal ever: “It is 50% off and it’s soooo cute! She will definitively wear it next winter” and actually my child never worn what I bought. The size was way too big for winter, and I do not want my daughter to wear a woolen short in June….. So what I thought was the best deal ever is actually wasted money.

So why did that happen? I buy too much? Ok, that is true. My daughter is not growing up as per standard? Possibly as well. The sizes are not “standard”? For sure!!


I love to shop for my children, however I am often confused between all the sizes for newborns.


In 2009, a Swiss magazine (Bon à Savoir) published a comparative research which found that differences between bodysuits of the same size from different brands could be up to 10cm! 10cm! That’s 1/5 of the size of a newborn baby!

On their websites, some brands have expressed the size in kg, i.e. 56cm = 4kg. But actually it doesn’t really help.

In Summary?

So you will ask me, how do you survive in this jungle and buy the right size?

My first advice is to keep the tag of the item you buy so you can return it later. And to help you a bit, I have summarized below the different brands present in Switzerland and their sizes in cm.

Migros and H&M usually have bigger sizes. The French brands like Petit Bateau and Okaidi usually have smaller sizes.


0-1 month5050Newborn5050
1-2 months56561 month5656
2-4 months62622-4 months6262
4-6 months68684-6 months6868
0-1 months560-2 months50/56
1-3 months622-6 months62/68
3-6 months68
Petit BateauOkaidiDPAMVerbaudet
1 month54535354
3 months60595960
6 months67686867




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